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Kevin Williams, TekConnX

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer


TekConnX is pleased to be a sponsor and proudly supports the National Coalition 100 Black Women/PWCC. The group received a grant from the Potomac Health Foundation to educate The African American community on the Prevention & Treatment, of Colorectal Cancer.

These funds are being utilized to raise the level of awareness and improve the health of African Americans in the communities of Prince William County Virginia. 

NCBW/PWCC has partnered with dozens of African American Churches to implement this amazing project during this year long effort which began in September 2016, and will culminate in June, 2017.  

The messages delivered in the sessions by Dr.  Najeer and Dr. Vader from Sentara, were designed to focus on six concentrated areas, primary prevention, early detection, treatment, quality of life, data and advocacy, and we're extremely informative, with a very clear, and resounding message:


Question and answer periods follow each session, and I was glad to share my personal story of my family's cancer history, and highlight the personal value of a program like this and how the knowledge gained here is absolutely life-saving.

I had my second colonoscopy in February 2017, and shared my experience that the prep wasn't bad as I actually added a pack of crystal light lemonade, chilled it, and got through it with no problems! 

On the day of the procedure, I had the best nap I'd had in a long time, woke up and asked what time will we be done, and the nurses said, you're already done!! Get the thing done folks, early detection is key and can significantly increase chances of survival...

The results came in a few days and the good news was "come see me in 5 years!"

I’m thankful for the leadership of this organization for driving this critical project and look forward to supporting similar programs sponsored and supported by these fine organizations...

This program is further proof that the NCBW/PWCC understands that if any areas of our community that can be strengthened, the entire community is made stronger.

Well Done.....

Kevin Williams, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer                 


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