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2017-2018 Diabetes Awareness Project
Diabetes Awareness Project Data Results
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diabetes awareness program

Thousands of Women and Men Have Been Educated
Improving The Health In Our Communities Everyday! The National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc. Prince William County Chapter, Inc. was awarded a $98,000.00 grant to implement a Diabetes Awareness Program commencing July1, 2017 and will end on June 30, 2018.  This grant was awarded by the Potomac Health Foundation. The project is entitled, “A Culturally Targeted Faith-Based Program Focused on Educating Black Women and Men in Prince William County and Stafford County About Diabetes to Increase Knowledge About Pre-Diabetes, Diabetes Type 2, Prevention, Early Diagnosis, Screening and Intervention.” NCBW/PWCC is one of 35 (501c3) organizations/businesses to receive a Howard L. Greenhouse Large Grant serving the residents of Eastern Prince William and Stafford/County, Virginia. According to research, diabetes occurs when blood glucose becomes elevated above normal levels and results in hyperglycemia. People with diabetes either do not produce enough insulin or are not able to properly use the insulin that the body produces.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports for 2013 an age-adjusted prevalence of diabetes from Prince William County, VA of 8.4%.  The CDC reports from 2010-2012 that non-Hispanics whites had diabetes prevalence of 7.6% while non-Hispanics Blacks had diabetes prevalence of 13.2%. In April through July 2016, the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc. Prince William County Chapter, Inc. surveyed 207 adult black women and men in Prince William County on topics about diabetes.  There was a very strong interest in learning about diabetes with 100% indicating “yes.”  Similarly, more than 90% were willing to commit to bringing another person to attend educational sessions about diabetes in the upcoming year.  As almost two-thirds (65.7%) never discussed diabetes topics with their physician, our findings suggest that there is a strong need in the community for a program to educate Blacks about diabetes. This project will be conducted in conjunction with Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center, INOVA of Woodbridge, INOVA of Fairfax, NOVANT, Howard University and NCBW/PWCC. Professional staff who have clinical diabetes expertise will work in collaboration with faith-based churches, health care agencies, and advocates in the local community. The population that will be served are Black women and men 40 through 70 years of age who reside in Prince William County and Stafford Counties, Virginia.  There will be 500 or more Black women and men recruited for this diabetes awareness project.  A total of 13 churches are dedicated to support this project. The project is in alignment with the Potomac Health Foundation to focus on a diabetes project that will concentrate on pre-diabetes, early diagnosis, and screening.  This faith-based diabetes educational program’s purposes is to help women and men to understand: 1) the nature and risks of diabetes, 2) diabetes prevention topics including healthy diet, 3) the risks, benefits, and alternatives to diabetes screening, 4) participate in decision making with physicians should be at a prevention, and care management level that the patient desires, and 5) that patient decision making should be made consistent with patients preferences and values. This faith-based project will be implemented over a 12 month period of time.  Black women and men will be recruited through churches, community and civic organizations.  The specific activities will include implementing a 2-hour training program that will include a 1-hour presentation with questions and answers by a certified endocrinologist, certified dietician and fitness expert/trainer. A 5-minute video will be shown to the participants with a physician discussing diabetes among Black women and men. Diabetes screening will be offered at the end of each training session and follow-up is imperative. Several handouts on diabetes will be developed by the project team and will be provided to participants.  Additional handouts obtained from participating hospitals and healthcare organizations (e.g.), Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center staff and content from the American Diabetes Association) on diabetes will be provided to participants.  Educational programs will begin with a prayer by a minister, and end with a personal story/testimony by a Black diabetes survivor.  After project completion, there will be a culminating program in a large venue in Prince William County to disseminate the project findings. Distinguished politicians, Potomac Health Foundation board members and staff, educators, sponsors and clinicians will be invited to discuss diabetes and health disparity issues among Blacks. NCBW-PWCC is excited about receiving this fourth grant from Potomac Health Foundation.



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